Battle of Fontenoy


Famous marshal of France Maurice de Saxe plans to beat the British out of the coalition by breaking their field army under the young Duke of Cumberland in Flanders.

Victory conditions and duration

If the allies at the start of their turn control Fontenoy, they win decisively. If that does not happen until phase 26 and no army has been broken by morale, the battle ends in a draw.

The French army obeys Maurice's authority and the players may freely communicate during the game.

The allied army represents a wide coalition of states with different goals. The allied players may not discuss their plans and the events of the game.

Maurice is sick with a fever and cannot take risks in this battle.

The villages are fortified before battle and the bombardment gets no bonuses against units inside.

Battlefield and deployment

Woods are broken terrain in this scenario.

The French place 5 redoubts in their deployment zone.

Then, each player divides their army into 3 columns and deploys as usual beginning with the French.

After the armies are deployed, the French may place their scouts into the wood.

Allies have the first turn.


It is a huge battle, so 2x2 players and the 800 infantry per unit scale are recommended.