Demo: battle of Grossbach

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This is the basic scenario to learn the game. Choose one of the pre-composed armies or make one yourself of the similar size.

In this scenario two armies arrive at the neutral town of Grossbach. The army to win the battle will capture its supplies and treasures.

The field of battle is a plain around 20 х 15 UW in size. There is a wood on the right, and a ploughed field in the south to the left.

Distance between deployment zones is 6UW.

The first player is the one who has last painted a miniature. The first player chooses a table side.

Both players divide their armies in 3 separate parts. Then they take turns, starting with the first player, to deploy one or more parts in their deployment zone. Player who fihishes deployment first takes the first turn.

The player, whose army's morale drops to zero, loses, and his opponent wins.