Battle of Waterloo


Napoleon advances to Brussels. The British plan to stop him and gain an upper hand at the Congress of Vienna. All they need is for Wellington to hold his ground until the Prussians under Blucher come to the rescue.


This is a big battle of the two most famous commanders of their time, so 1500 infantry per unit and 1x1 players are recommended.

Battlefield and deployment

The distance between deployment zones should be roughly 10UW.

The sides divide their armies into 4 columns each and use the standard deployment method.

The allies may deploy up to the edge of the hill in their deployment zone and the villages in the middle of the field.

The French have the first turn.


At the start of the battle, the ground is wet from the night rain and is broken terrain. It dries up in the 6th phase.

Victory conditions and duration

The French win by breaking the allies

If by the 13th phase, this does not happen, the French lose 10 morale, seeing the approaching Prussians

In the 16th phase, the French lose 10 more morale.

If the French have not won by phase 19 they decisively lose.