Battle of Borodino


Napoleon advances towards Moscow and needs to break the Russian army to win the war. The Russians are sick or retreating and can not give up Moscow without a fight, but if their army is lost, then all is lost.


It is one of the biggest battles of its time, so 1500 infantry per unit scale is recommended.

Both armies are divided into two parts. Besides that, the French have a guard reserve, which could be commanded by both players.

If you have enough players and units, you can further divide armies and lessen the scale to achieve greater accuracy.

Battlefield and deployment

Kolocha River is very broken terrain, other streams and ravines are just broken.

The russians have 6 emplacements.

The Russians first set up the emplacements and the whole army, except the light units in the green zone. After that, the French set up their whole army in the rest of the field, not closer than 6UW to the Russian units.

After that, the Russians set up their light units within Borodino or anywhere on the table not closer than 3UW from enemy units.

The french have the firsth turn.


The battle takes place in the heat: all retreat distances are reduced by 1.

Both the Russians and the French are ready to fight to the last, and their starting morale is 50% higher than usual.

Victory conditions and duration

The army to reduce their enemies to 0 morale wins decisively.

If that has not happened at phase 26, the game ends.

French objective: to control Borodino, either Utica or Maloye and to have units south of Kolocha and to the east of Semenovsky ravine.

If they achieve that without losing or retreating any guard unit, they achieve a marginal victory.

If they achieve that while losing or retreating any guard unit, the game is a draw.

If they do not achieve that, they lose.