Battle of Poltava


The unsuccessful advance of young Swedish king Carl the 12th on Moscow led him to Poltava without supplies and with a wounded foot. Tsar Peter counts on giving battle with his reformed army following all the rules of the art of war, and defeating the enemy, who has so humiliatingly beaten him 9 years ago at Narva.

Victory conditions and duration

The Swedish win if the Russian morale drops to 0. Any other outcome is Russian victory. The game lasts no more than 26 phases.

The Swedish commander is carried in a stretcher, so divide his movement distanced by 2.

The Swedish army has a fearsome reputation and is determined to fight to the last, so its starting morale is 15 higher.

The Swedish are running out of powder, so they have a disadvantage in fire after phase 11.

Before setting up armies the Russians may place 4 redoubts in the special zone.

Battlefield and deployment

In this swampy area, the woods are very broken terrain.

The Russians set up their commander anywhere on the table and place 4 redoubts in the special zone between two forests, which they may immediately occupy by their units.

After that, the Swedish deploy their entire army.

Then the Russians deploy dragoons and the wing commander anywhere on the field, except the Swedish deployment zone.

The Russian army begins off the table. Once per turn instead of activating formations, the Russians may enter the table from their camp D units and place them in contact with their table edge.

The Swedish have the first turn.


1x1 players game is recommended with 800 infantry per unit scale.