Battle of Rocroi


The undefeatable army of Flanders advances towards Paris to beat France out of the Thirty Years War. The young and ambitious Duke of Enghien Loius Bourbon is determined to win his gloire. He thinks that the Spanish are awaiting 6 thousand strong reinforcements and hastens to attack. The Spanish commander Francisco de Melo decides to give battle, thinking that his army is stronger even without reinforcements. The battle begins early in the morning.

Victory conditions and duration

If at phase 28 neither army has broken morale, if the Spanish morale is higher than the French, they win a decisive victory and advance to Paris. If their morale is lower, the French win, because the king's relative Louis Bourbon presents the events in a favorable light.

The Spanish commander is moving on a stretcher, so divide his movement distances by 2. The Spanish army has a fearsome reputation, so add 10 to its starting morale.


A big battle of its time, 1x1 players is recommended, and 600 infantry per unit scale.

Battlefield and deployment

A wide battlefield is surrounded by dense forest. There is a stream in front of the Spanish positions, which is broken terrain. On the right Spanish flank, there is besieged Rocroi, which is impassable terrain in this scenario.

The armies have enough time to prepare. Deployment zones are equally deep, and the distance between them is no less than 8UW.

The French divide their army into 3 columns, and the Spanish into 4. Then they deploy with the basic method.