Battle of Nieuwpoort


Their grandfathers have never beaten the Spanish in battle. Their fathers have never beaten the Spanish in battle. Maurice of Nassau enacted the military reform and decided to change this.

Victory conditions and duration

Both armies are determined to break their enemies. If none of the armies reach 0 morale until phase 22, the battle is a draw.


This is not the biggest battle and a 1x1 game is recommended with a 400 infantry per unit scale.

Battlefield and deployment

A narrow and empty battlefield is restricted by the sea to the north and sand dunes to the south, which are broken terrain and elevation.

Armies have enough time to prepare. Deployment zones are of equal depth, and the distance between them is at least 8UW on the plane and 4UW in the dunes.

The players divide the armies into 4 columns and set them up as per the usual method. The first player is the Netherlands.